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What I Do

eIMG_0630In a nutshell, I help people achieve their big goals and create a life they absolutely can’t wait to get up in the morning and live. My own life is a prime example that simply writing down a list of goals or talking about what you want to do is not enough. There is an art and science to achieving your goals. And through my own trials and errors I have created a system that effectively combines both in order to help people who have previously been unsuccessful at making changes in their lives, finally see success. I truly believe everyone should have the opportunity to live their dream life and that what’s drives me in my work. I’m excited to share my work with you. Thanks for being here.

Coach Kathy's Podcast

The Latest Episodes

Episode #25: You’re Fooling Yourself; You’re Not Free

What is your definition of freedom? What would your life have to look like in order for you to consider yourself free? Well, if any part of your definition or your vision includes you being dependent on someone else to …

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Episode #24: Tapping Into Your Authentic Self

What can the movie ‘Beauty and the Beast’ teach you about showing up as you true self? A lot, apparently. Every person on this earth has a desire to be accepted, validated, included and loved. But that desire can alter the …

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Episode #23: In Praise of the Vanity Shave

How many times have you waited for the perfect time to do something, the perfect opportunity to come your way, or until you had the perfect plan before taking step toward the life you want. Well, news flash, life is not …

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Book Kathy

book-kathyDeliver a transformational experience! Kathy, a former collegiate and professional basketball player and coach, has gone from drifter (employment drifter, that is) to collegiate basketball coach, to an organizational development expert, change strategist, coach, author and speaker who has dedicated her life to empowering others. Whether you are looking for content around organizational change or personal change, Kathy has the knowledge and ability to bring the information and your audience to life. When you need a high-energy speaker whose story-telling, humor and uncanny ability to say exactly what you need to hear will leave your audience motivated, inspired, informed, and entertained (with strategies they can use right away!), you need Kathy!


Learn strategies to set and achieve your big goals, and create a life you love!

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