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Write Your Own Script Podcast

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Episode #80: How to Define Your Own Freedom – Part 1

Have you ever made a decision that you regretted even though you thought it was the best decision for you at the time, or because failed to understand the long-term ramifications up front? Are you currently feeling

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Episode #79: [REPLAY] When Your Life Needs Remake

Does your life need a remake? The end of the year is drawing near and 2019 is right around the corner. This is the time when you begin to evaluate what has transpired over the last year in

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Episode #78: 3 Practices Guaranteed to Create a Money Shift

Do you ever wonder how famous celebrities or entrepreneurs became successful in their careers? Have you ever thought to yourself, “Why them? Why not me?” Do you feel that, despite your attempts to bring in more money, you

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What I Do

eIMG_0630In a nutshell, I help women create and live their own definition of success. It's important to recognize that you don't have to buy into and adhere to society's definition of success, and that you have an obligation to yourself to define what success means for you. My own life is a prime example that trying to fit into "the script" - the way society lays out the path to success - can lead to a great deal of struggle, and success can seem elusive. However, you can chart your own path and you can create a life that is fulfilling - one that you are excited to get up each morning and live. You just need to know how. Every woman should have the opportunity to live a life that they absolutely love, and that what's drives me in my work.

Book Kathy

book-kathyDeliver a transformational experience for your audience! Kathy, a former collegiate and professional basketball player and coach, has gone from drifter (employment drifter, that is) to collegiate basketball coach, to an organizational development expert, change strategist, coach, author and speaker who has dedicated her life to empowering others. Whatever your topic, Kathy has the knowledge and ability to bring the information and your audience to life. When you need a high-energy speaker - whose story-telling, humor and uncanny ability to say exactly what you need to hear, will leave your audience motivated, inspired, informed, and entertained (with strategies they can use right away!) - call Coach Kathy!


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