What I Do

eIMG_0630In a nutshell, I help women take their lives to the next level. It’s important to recognize that you have an obligation to yourself to define what success means for you. My own life is a prime example that trying to fit into “the script” – the way society lays out the path to success – can lead to a great deal of struggle, and success can seem elusive. However, you can chart your own path. You just need to know how. I’m committed to helping women play the biggest game possible in their lives and live a life that they absolutely love. That’s what drives me in my work.

Write Your Own Script Podcast

The Latest Episodes

Episode #85: The 5 Real Reasons You Don’t Set Goals

Are you a goal-getter or a “let’s see how this goes” kind of person? Do you know the importance of goal setting but have yet to take a moment to write your intentions down? If so, you

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Episode #84: 3 Ways to Make 2019 Your Best Year Ever

How is 2019 starting off for you? Are you kicking ass, or is your January a little lackluster? Now that the novelty and buzz of the new year are winding down, it is time to get it together

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