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103. Do Your Finances Need a Pivot?

Do you need to reinvent your finances? Just like pivoting your life, the process of pivoting your finances works, but you must have the courage to ask if your finances need a pivot. If your finances need a pivot, it doesn’t say anything negative about you; you can work on them in the order that aligns with the life you want to live.

In this episode of the For Kick-ass Women Only podcast, Kathy discusses the financial pivot and compares it to a life pivot. She also explains the areas of finances you need to evaluate; budget/spending plan, investments, savings, emergency fund, contribution fund, fun& adventure, and education& growth.

Listen in to learn how to evaluate your finances based on your next level life and work towards achieving that. You will also learn how to shift your mindset around money by releasing your limiting beliefs about it.   



  • [1:35] The six areas of finances you need to evaluate to have a financial pivot.
  • [8:14] How to ask yourself questions about your finances, like your personal or health areas.
  • [8:45] Why splitting your accounts apart allows you to plan and spend money accordingly.
  • [10:56] How to evaluate your finances based on the lifestyle you want to live.
  • [12:14] How to shift your mindset around money by releasing your money limitation beliefs.
  • [14:18] The system to help you make changes in your financial life and how to make it doable.
  • [16:38] Why you must have the courage to take an honest look at your finances and understand if they need a pivot.



  • “When you lump everything into one account, it’s very difficult to plan.”– Kathy [9:07]
  • “Whatever change you want to make in your regular or financial life uses the same system; you just have to break everything down so that it’s doable.”– Kathy [16:04]



If you’ve been keeping up with the podcast, you are probably realizing that it’s your mindset that is sanding between you and the money you desire to live your life the way you want to live it

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