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106. Breaking Up with the Money Hustle, Part 1

Are you caught up in the money hustle? Do you feel like you spend more time than you would like thinking about money, and thinking about how to bring more money into your life? And what exactly is the money hustle and how do you identify it? Whether you realize it or not, you have normalized the money hustle as being a part of your life.

In this episode of the For Kick-ass Women Only podcast, Kathy talks about the money hustle and how it is playing an unconscious role in your financial life. She also explains the importance of identifying th signs of the money hustle before you can escape it.

Listen in to part one of this two-part episode and learn about the money hustle and how it is showing up in your life every day.



  • [3:48] How the money hustle mirrors our intimate relationships.
  • [6:37] How to recognize when you’re on the money hustle rollercoaster.
  • [7:54] That the money hustle is really your mental habit of thinking about money all the time, and why it can become all-consuming.
  • [10:56] That you can still be hustling for money even when you think you have enough of it to live your life today.
  • [14:25] How the money hustle wears down your ability to have hope.



  • Your mind is in the money hustle, … the hustle of trying to figure out how to bring more money into your life.” – Coach Kathy
  • Usually, the first place that we go when we’re thinking about bringing more money into our lives is, what can I do?” – Coach Kathy
  • The mental and physical hustle of money, it consumes you. It’s in every consideration, every decision, every day.” – Coach Kathy
  • “You can have enough money to live your life the way that you wanna live it now. But we all know that the economy changes and things change. So, now never stays like now.” – Coach Kathy
  • “It’s almost like even our own freedom to choose how we want to spend our time is being dictated by things that are related to money.” – Coach Kathy



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