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107. Breaking Up with the Money Hustle, Part 2

Do you see that you might be in a relationship with the money hustle? How do you break up with the money hustle? A money hustle wears down your confidence and can destroy hope in your financial situation. If you want the freedom to do what you want, you must identify if you’re in a money hustle and intentionally break up with it like you would a toxic relationship.

In this episode of the For Kick-ass Women Only podcast, Kathy talks about how to shift your money mindset to break up with the money hustle. She explains why you should invest in yourself so you can show up as the woman with the life and the finances you desire.

Listen in to learn how to shift your mindset and attract the money you desire by vibrating at the energy of the money that you desire.


  • [03:16] Are you in a relationship with the money hustle, and do you want to break up?
  • [04:12] Why you should be aware of all the possibilities to be less impacted during financial distress.
  • [07:12] Why it’s time to break up if the feeling of begging money to stay is no longer serving you.
  • [11:30] How to break up with the money hustle by shifting your mindset and being the woman who can attract the money you desire.
  • [15:08] How to make decisions from a higher energy level to attract the money you desire.
  • [17:49] The value of investing in yourself plus how to take advantage of coach Kathy’s Pivot Master Plan Program.



  • “Some of you are one pandemic, one health emergency, one recession, one lay-off away from financial distress.”– Kathy [05:38]
  • “You have got to vibrate at the energy of the money that you desire so that you can attract the money that you desire.”– Kathy [14:09]
  • ‘If you’re unwilling to invest in yourself, you cannot expect for more money to come into your life.”– Kathy [21:45]



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