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113. Everything is Not ”Fine” (And That’s Okay)

There is a habit many women have of saying things are “fine” when they’re really not. But is everything in your life really “fine”? Are you really “fine”? If you can’t honestly say “yes” to both of those questions then why do you keep saying it is, and you are? As you are planning your pivot, or planning to make changes in your life, one of the first steps is to get brutally honest with yourself about how you are feeling – about yourself and your life.

In this episode of the For Kick-Ass Women Only podcast, Kathy not only talks about her own journey to getting honest about herself, but she also walks you through the toll it can take on your life when you are dishonest about your true feelings, and how to begin the journey to the truth of who you are.

Listen in to learn why you must stop saying everything is fine – why you are worth  not saying everything is fine, and how your life can change when you do.



  • Why it is difficult for women to admit their true feelings, and make different choices for themselves, even when they know they aren’t fine.
  • The surprising emotions that will arise when you take on the journey of being honest about your feelings.
  • The very hefty mental and emotional toll it takes on you when you continue to insist you’re fine when you’re not.
  • How easy it is to deceive yourself into believing you should be fine even if something inside of you is telling you otherwise.
  • What it means to truly honor yourself, and how lying about being fine is the opposite of that.



  • “We (as women) are so used to being fine so that everybody else around us can feel stable, and feel supported, and feel encouraged, and feel they’re on steady ground.” – Kathy [11:11]
  • Everything doesn’t always have to be fine. Everything doesn’t always have to be good.” – Kathy [13:07]
  • The more you say that everything’s fine and it’s not… the more disconnected you become from your true self because you can’t have both; you can’t have you authentically, truly, honestly, and powerfully, but also be lying… so that everybody else will feel good around you.” – Kathy [16:02]
  • We can’t lay our mental and emotional health on that altar as a sacrifice in order to have something that looks good to everybody around us or to makes everybody around us feel better at the expense of ourselves.”– Kathy [19:21]
  • “What I do believe is that when I am my best self, everything around me is going to be so much better.” – Kathy [20:13]



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