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116. Your Amazing Second Half of the Year

How will you make the second half of the year focused on who you truly are and what you truly want for your life? Summer is a time to reset, recharge, and rethink things, and you can use this summer to set up an amazing second half of the year. To do this, you must ask yourself a series of questions through therapy or reading books to shift your mindset.

In this episode of the For Kick-Ass Women Only podcast, Kathy explains ways to shift your mindset this summer and connect to yourself emotionally. She also explains why you need to stop putting yourself off to become aligned with who you truly are.

Listen in to learn how to check in with yourself and start showing up as who you truly are and not as a caricature of yourself.



  • [05:07] The ways we become disconnected from our true selves and how to release those things.
  • [08:04] Things you can do this summer to think deeply about what you want to connect to yourself emotionally.
  • [11:28] Ask yourself questions and figure out how to be in alignment with your passion and purpose.
  • [14:58] Think about how you’ll show up and do a check-in in the second half of the year.
  • [17:24] Why you should check in periodically throughout your life to see if your life is what you truly want.
  • [18:20] Kathy’s Summer Reset Bundle – stop putting yourself off anymore and make the second half of the year super amazing.



  • “It’s not so much the what you’re doing, it’s the who you’re bringing into what you’re doing because sometimes the what you’re doing doesn’t change.”– Kathy [09:32]
  • “When things become routine, you disconnect from them emotionally.”– Kathy [13:53]



Ladies, it’s summer! Woo hoo! Usually, summer is a chance to relax and kick back before moving into the Fall when everything goes back to ‘business as usual’. But what if THIS summer could be an opportunity to springboard you into the life you truly want to be living?

If you’re ready for a life reset, then go to: https://iwanttopivot.com and purchase the SUMMER RESET BUNDLE. For $11.11 you get access to two amazing resources that will walk you through the process of re-envisioning yourself and your life, figuring out what is most important to you where you are today, and writing an amazing next chapter of your life.




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