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119. Who Are You Now? Do You Know?

Have you figured out who you are and how to show up authentically? When was the last time you took time to reconnect with who you are right now? Figuring out who you truly are means leading with you, showing up authentically, and embracing that woman.

In this episode of the For Kick-ass Women Only podcast, Kathy explains the importance of reconnecting with who you truly are at this point in your life. Stop showing up as an identity of yourself that you’ve created and embrace that woman inside of you because she exists whether you acknowledge her or not.

Listen in to learn the importance of actively participating in your life and stop living it passively.



  • Kathy on figuring out who she is and learning to show up authentically.
  • What does it mean to lead with you and not with what you have going on in your life?
  • How to actively look into who you are and stop living your life passively.
  • Understand that you deserve to know who you are right now and embrace that woman.
  • It’s your time to reconnect with who you are at this point in your life because she exists.



  • “You deserve to know who you are right now in your life and be able to embrace that woman.”– Kathy [08:30]



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