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127. How to Know When It’s Time to Change (5 Signs)

Can you read the signs all over your life that it’s time for a change or a pivot? Are you courageous enough to honor that calling? Changing your life is not easy, but the alternative is a life of tiredness, misalignment, unfulfillment, and much more.

In this episode of the For Kick-Ass Women Only podcast, Kathy explains the five signs that’ll show up in your life when it’s time to change. She also explains how most women resist change even when there are signs and choose to stay comfortable.

Listen in to learn how to let go of what’s holding you back and achieve a life where you’re aligned, fulfilled, getting your desired results, and relaxed.



  • You’re not getting the desired results despite working super hard.
  • You’re tired – you’re trying so hard mentally and physically, and you’re tired of forcing things.
  • You feel out of alignment – you’re going in the right direction but on the wrong path.
  • You don’t feel fulfilled – everything feels hollow, and you don’t feel joy in your work and wins.
  • You daydream about how much better things would be if something were different, and you long for something different.



  • “We’re hard workers as women, but we have to ask ourselves whether or not we’re getting the results that we desire in that work.”– Kathy [03:48]
  • “There’s a difference between moving towards something that you know you’re supposed to have, and you meet a challenge versus just continuing to try so hard that it feels like you’re beating your head up against the wall.”– Kathy [05:38]



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