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15. 3 Things to Let Go of Today

Do you want to create your next-level life and become the woman of your dreams? How about letting go of the past, letting go of excuses, letting go of anger, and embracing uncertainty? To achieve your next level as a woman over 40, you have to destroy this self-created prison you’re in and commit to being uncomfortable.

In this episode of the For Kick-ass Women Only podcast, we talk about letting go of the past, letting go of excuses, and how to stop our need for constant certainty. Which of the three things is holding you from becoming the woman you want? Leveling up isn’t something anyone can do for you; you have to step up and live without regrets.

Listen in to learn the power of living in uncertainty to have the ability to pivot and be flexible no matter the possibilities.


  • [0:45] Intro
  • [3:11] Stop carrying around other people’s stuff that might be hindering you from your dream life.
  • [4:11] Let go of the past- your regrets, disappointments, mistakes, guilt, shame, and anger.
  • [7:54] Why your past is only dragging you behind and from achieving a better future.
  • [10:28] Stop making excuses and make that commitment, plus steps to help you let them go.
  • [15:50] The need for constant certainty- make room for uncertainty to get to your next level.
  • [18:46] Women who put certainty during the pandemic vs women who embraced uncertainty.
  • [21:53] Recapping the three things to let go of today.


  • “Anger is a heavy emotion and it gets heavier the longer you carry it.” [7:33]
  • “The stuff you carry around from the past prevents you from having the best present you could be experiencing and from creating the future that you desire.” [7:43]
  • “Your current reality isn’t the reason you can’t commit to creating your next level unless you make the choice to make it the reason.” [12:56]
  • “Very rarely does life offer you certainty unless you go out of your way to create it.” [16:39]
  • “Life at its core is uncertain.” [18:10]


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