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16. Hard Truth… You Lack Vision

Do you have vision? The ability to see past what is right in front of you in order to envision what could be? Your vision is a clear picture of what you want each area of your life to look like, and it requires commitment and action in order to be achieved.

In this episode of the For Kick-ass Women Only podcast, we talk about why you need a vision to take you to your next level. Every plan needs a vision in order to be executed on. And you cannot afford to lack a vision as a woman over 40, or any other age.

Listen in to learn how vision prevents overwhelm, and how to break your life down into areas, and create a compelling vision for each area.


  • [0:48] Intro
  • [1:54] Kathy shares a story that gives an idea of what having vision looks like.
  • [4:17] The difference between a vision, goals, and action plan and why vision is a starting point.
  • [5:3] Understanding why your imagination is not a vision but can lead to vision.
  • [8:50] Why you can’t afford to lack vision when you want your next level.
  • [12:08] Break your life down into areas and create a vision for each area.
  • [12:39] How having a vision will create clarity and allow you to prioritize other areas of your life.
  • [14:25] Put in your vision something important to you and how you want to live in your next level.
  • [14:57] How to be specific with your vision to make it easier to determine your goals and actions.
  • [15:59] Take time to visualize that vision every day to feel it all over.


  • “You can’t create a plan to get to your next level of life by just talking about what you would like to have.” [4:32]
  • “Imagination is not vision.” [5:24]
  • “When you have a vision for a better future, it implies commitment and action.” [6:35]
  • “The more specific your vision, the easier it is to determine the goals and actions you need to take.” [15:19]


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