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22. How to Make Your Life Distraction-Proof

Making Your Life Distraction Proof

Did you know that a distraction pulls you out of alignment with your next-level life? Your next-level life will continue being an unachievable illusion if the distractions in your life are not handled well.

In this episode of the For Kick-Ass Women Only podcast, we talk about the distractions in your life and how you can eliminate them. Distractions are costing you valuable time that you’re never going to get back.

Listen in to learn how addictive distractions like social media are negatively impacting your life and your goals. You will also learn why having a strategy that prioritizes your dream life will help minimize the distractions in your life.

What You Will Learn:

  • [0:48] Intro
  • [1:14] A recap of the previous episodes related to this one.
  • [3:36] Why your day-to-day activities are a distraction since they never go away.
  • [5:43] Why your next-level life will continue being an illusion if you don’t handle distractions.
  • [6:28] How distractions are costing you valuable time that will never be recovered.
  • [11:46] The two types of distractions and how each is affecting your life.
  • [13:21] How to identify all the distractions in your life.
  • [16:07] Identify the rewards of your distractions to help you make better choices.
  • [18:32] How to create a strategy for each of your distractions to eliminate them from your life.
  • [19:58] Understand what you’re giving up by choosing distractions over your next-level life.

Standout Quotes:

  • “A distraction is anything that gets in the way of you getting to that next level.” [5:49]
  • “The only real reason between you and a woman who’s actively working towards her next level, is how she’s consistently choosing to use her time.” [7:33]
  • “Anything that’s pulling your focus, your belief, your energy, and your actions away from pursuing your goals is a distraction.” [14:22]


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