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23. POWER MOMENT: The Plan You Need But Don‘t Have

Who do you need to become to achieve your next level life? To achieve your next level life, you need to have a growth plan that will take you from the person you are today to the person you need to become.

In this episode of the For Kick-Ass Women Only podcast, we talk about your growth plan and why you need to have it to achieve your next-level life. If you already have the right plan for your dream life, you need to strive for discomfort by embracing a GROWTH plan.

Listen in to understand the three stages of mastery to not only learn but also apply so you can grow to your next level.


  • [0:48] Intro
  • [3:02] The growth plan – what you need to do before becoming the person to achieve your next level life.
  • [5:00] The specifics of how you need to approach gaining knowledge and skills that are part of your growth plan.
  • [6:08] Why you need to grow your life to keep up with the growth of the world around you.
  • [9:33] How to apply your acquired knowledge to change and grow.
  • [11:40] The three stages of mastery and how each drives you towards growth.
  • [13:57] Growth is uncomfortable and why you need persistence to get to the other side of it.


  • “You’re not yet the person you need to be in order to create the life you want to have.” [4:25]
  • “You’re the person right now who can create the life that you currently have and when you choose not to grow, you keep creating the same life.” [4:32]
  • “You need a plan that helps bridge the gap between the person you are now and the person that you need to become.” [4:52]
  • “You might want to stay the same, but the quality of your life will begin to decline if you don’t grow.” [7:14]


Here’s the link for my Play a Bigger Game Masterclass’: https://bit.ly/pabg-minicourse (this is CASE SENSITIVE)


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