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34. How to Stay Hopeful

Are you working to stay hopeful even as the world continues to become very challenging? Hope means having feelings of expectation or desire of certain things happening.

In this episode of the For Kick-ass Women Only podcast, we talk about hope, reasons why you should stay hopeful, and strategies to help you maintain a hopeful mindset. You have to work at having hope and have a reason to do so as you work on your goals for them to come to pass.

Listen in to learn the value of daring to believe that you can and will achieve something amazing in your life!


  • [0:47] Intro
  • [1:09] Why you need to have hope when going after your goals and the 2 questions you ask yourself.
  • [2:41] The challenging climate in the world right now that’s forcing people to be hopeless.
  • [7:00] How Kathy chooses to stay hopeful by being authentically powerful and practicing faith.
  • [11:00] The reasons why you should stay hopeful and refuse to give in to hopelessness even as life hands us lemons.
  • [13:29] Monitor what you ingest by filtering the news you watch and instead read/listen to positive things.
  • [13:58] Look for the good being done in the world.
  • [14:31] Pursue big dreams by visualizing your next-level life, setting goals, creating a plan, and taking action to bring it to life.
  • [15:08] Surround yourself with like-minded women by getting into groups, spending time with friends, and lessening time spent with women without dreams.
  • [15:23] Find things to be grateful for every day either small or big.


  • “In every moment, usually unconscious, you are choosing how you want to feel about something.”– Kathy [5:57]
  • “It doesn’t really matter what you say or what you can recite, it only matters what you actually practice on a daily basis.”– Kathy [9:55]
  • “You cannot lose hope; your hope is the last line of defense.”– Kathy [13:16]
  • A powerful anecdote to a loss of hope is to not giving in to it; dare to believe that you can and will create something amazing in your life.”– Kathy [14:42]
  • “If you work at having hope, faith, and believing in the promise of good, it will come to pass for you.”– Kathy [16:13]


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