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37. The Shit You Need to Take Out of Your Purse

So often, things will happen that impact us that are not really about us, but we take the experiences, put them in our purse, and carry them with us year to year like they’re ours. This is one of the reasons why we’re not reaching our dreams. The shit we’re carrying in our purses is weighing us down. It’s making our forward movement nearly impossible. We cannot move to the next level when everything we’re carrying keeps you at our current level.

In this episode of the For Kick-ass Women Only podcast, we talk about the shit you need to take out of your purse to fly and soar. We’re nearing 2022, and it’s natural to look at January as a fresh start, but this round, you need to do it with a different mindset to ensure you reach your goals.

Listen in to learn how you can take the shit you have been carrying out, lighten your purse, and transform your life. What is in your purse will always dictate how you see yourself. How you see yourself is either taking you toward what you want or keeping you stuck where you are. Let it go and align with the life you want and what you want to accomplish.


  • [00:48] Practicing gratitude and appreciation this holiday season
  • [02:37] What’s in it for you in today’s episode
  • [03:11] Why most years start with a lot of promise but end in the same place
  • [04:14] Lightening your purse as you move to 2022
  • [04:41] 1st thing to take from your purse: Hurts and grudges
  • [06:10] 2nd thing to take from your purse; disappointments and perceived barriers
  • [08:55] 3rd thing to take from your purse: Your current limiting identity
  • [11:59] Hacks you can use to let go of a limiting identity
  • [12:32] Recap of the episode and key takeaways for you
  • [13:34] Download the New Year’s Exercise and ending the show


  • “Holding on hurts and grudges are like taking poison and hoping someone else dies.”– Kathy [5:45]
  • “There is nothing you can do about the things that didn’t work out in the past.”– Kathy [6:36]
  • Nothing that you did or didn’t do in the past that you perceive as a barrier has anything to do what you can create or accomplish in the future.’-Kathy [06:50]
  • “The wrapping paper may not be so pretty but you will never see the gift until you can get past how it was wrapped.” – Kathy [07:55]
  • You will never be able to create more than your identity will allow.”-Kathy [09:02]
  • Any statement with I’m is so powerful, it shapes who you are and create your identity”- Kathy [09:47]
  • The effort and energy that it takes to play small, to deny your dreams, to stifle your own power and greatness makes a limiting identity a lot of work.”- Kathy [11:16]
  • Link to glass of water video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Er0SMvBoC-w 


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