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38. Botox, Beginnings & My Biggest Lessons From 2021

Regardless of the outcome of your this year’s resolutions, there is always an opportunity for change when a new year sets in. Every year brings new lessons, reflections, and opportunities for new beginnings. Each new level of abundance requires a different mindset. So, planning how you’ll live as your best self and aligning yourself with the life you want is key to your vision.

In this episode of the For Kick-ass Women Only podcast, we talk about reflecting on what worked for you this year, making new resolutions, and designing them to work for you.

Listen in to learn how you can set practical resolutions to make 2022 the year of transformation. We’re moving into 2022, and it’s natural to look at a new year as a fresh start. Identify what works for you and what will help you to live the life you’ve always envisioned.


  • [00:47] Coach Kathy, today’s confession
  • [06:30] Making new resolutions as part of your personal level up plan
  • [07:46] Coach Kathy’s lessons from 2021
  • [07:53] Lesson 1: You need to level up personally
  • [09:19] Being in alignment with where you see yourself in the next level
  • [19:56] Things that coach Kathy did for herself this year
  • [12:20] Lesson 2: Nothing happens according to plan, but it all happens when and how it’s supposed to
  • [14:06] Creating a plan for your life, carrying it out, and letting it go
  • [15:23] Lesson 3: People get to make their own choices
  • [18:35] Lesson 4: Live now, like you want to live later
  • [21:00] Lesson 5: Your money mindset is constant work
  • [24:07] Download the New Year’s Exercise and ending the show


  • “If you’re staying in the same place, you’re falling behind because everything else in life is moving forward.”– Kathy [07:27]
  • We’re not finished, and we’re only finished if we want to be finished.”-Kathy [08:04]
  • Seemingly easy questions don’t always come with easy solutions.”-Kathy [09:49]
  • Sometimes we miss the perfect timing because our egos are so busy planning or expecting.”- Kathy [13:30]
  • It’s part of our growth to learn to let go and trust that everything is unfolding as it should and detach from our egos to allow life do it’s thing.”- Kathy [13:30]
  • People are complex and it’s inevitable that friends and family will make choices that you disagree with.”- Kathy [15:26]
  • The time to start living is now not later. Later is not guaranteed and if you don’t start training yourself to live now it will be much more difficult to live later on.”- Kathy [20:45]


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