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41. Hello! Your Life is Waiting!

Sometimes we tilt between believing we will do something we want someday and never actually committing to doing it. Every time we say we’re going to do something, but we don’t follow through on it, we wear our ability to trust ourselves. We stop trusting what we say is actually going to happen to take action. Words carry energy so the moment you decide to pursue a goal, start doing something about it the minute you start talking.

In this episode of the For Kick-Ass Women Only podcast, we talk about how to step into your true self and live the life that you want to be living. Your life is waiting for you, and there is no better time to achieve your goal than today.  Tomorrow is no promise to anyone.

Listen in to learn how you can step in your truth and live the life of your dreams. Start planning for the things that you want to achieve and design your life how you want it to be. We all have plenty of things that we felt we couldn’t do, but we can find ways to get them done. Everything is possible with the right attitude!


  • [00:49] What’s in it for you in today’s episode.
  • [01:09] Why Coach Kathy gets her nose pierced.
  • [01:51] Doing things for yourself that you never got to do.
  • [02:35] What’s taking so long if it’s something that you want to do?
  • [03:03] Planning the moment you start wanting it.
  • [04:09] Believing something will happen someday will never get it accomplished.
  • [05:26] Learning to put ourselves first is not a big deal.
  • [06:40] Living your life and not a just a life.
  • [07:18] Losing yourself when trying to fit in the life you created.
  • [07:58] How to step into your true self and live the life of your dreams.
  • [10:31] Coach Kathy’s goals for her new workshop Transform Your Life: The Proven 5-Step System to Help You Create the Life You Deserve, At ANY Age!
  • [12:08] Ending the show.


  • “It’s not about money; if you started planning for it the moment you started wanting it, things would have happened sooner.” – Kathy [03:21]
  • Women have extra sacrifice genes and we would gladly put off things we want to do for ourselves.”-Kathy [05:26]
  • Most of the things that you put off are things that will have a positive impact in your life.”- Kathy [06:29]
  • So many women are living a life that they defaulted to and not the life they designed for themselves.”- Kathy [07:01]
  • Sometimes you lose yourself or you give pieces of yourself up trying to fit in the life you created.” – Kathy [07:19]
  • Stop talking about things that you know you’re not going to do no matter how exciting they sound.”- Kathy [08:31]
  • The life that you deserve and want to live is waiting for you now.”- Kathy [11:35]
  • Time is running out; tomorrow is no promise to anyone and each day that passes is one less day for investment and enjoying.”-Kathy [11:44]


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