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47. Girl! It’s Time to Get Laser Focused

Getting laser-focused is about creating a crystal-clear vision of your life and getting clarity on what you want to achieve. Sometimes when you have a goal, it can seem too far away, and your mind can wander back to your present circumstances. Getting laser-focused moves your vision from fantasy to a tangible goal, helping you work toward the life you are creating and not what you already have.

In this episode of the For Kick-Ass Women Only podcast, we talk about how to get laser-focused to achieve your goals by creating a crystal-clear vision.  Your vision deserves time, attention, and energy!

Listen in to learn how you can tap into the power of getting laser-focused by creating a crystal-clear vision and connecting your goals and daily activities with your vision so you can get the result you desire.


  • [00:48] Today’s topic: Girl! It’s Time to Get Laser-Focused
  • [01:01] It’s March ladies; where are you with making your 2022 the best year?
  • [02:51] Why it seems so hard to stay laser-focused on our goals.
  • [05:24] How to tap into the power of getting laser-focused.
  • [06:56] Getting laser-focused is not about fantasy.
  • [08:14] Creating a crystal-clear vision to bring your goals close enough to focus on them.
  • [10:03] King Richard movie: The ultimate power of getting laser-focused.


  • “Sometimes the simplest things can be the most powerful things.”– Kathy [02:59]
  • “Focus comes from clarity.” – Kathy [05:29]
  • “Focus is not just a vague idea of wanting a more, better or different life for yourself.”– Kathy [06:29]
  • “Getting laser-focused includes developing a mindset that sees what you want for your life as real.– Kathy [07:00]
  • “Getting laser-focused helps you understand what you want for your life and that it deserves your time, attention and energy.”– Kathy [07:11]
  • The life you want can seem far away, and it will stay out there until you bring it closer enough to see it and focus on it.”- Kathy [08:41]



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