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50. You Asked For It

Some people call it the universe, others, God. No matter what you call it, the higher power that you have is always listening to your deepest desires and will continue to bring opportunities to give you what you want in life. So, if your soul desires more, it will bring more doors for you to walk through, sometimes backed by challenges that will help you get in alignment with what you are asking for first. With every opportunity, there will be something that you need to know to get to that next level and achieve your goals, and welcoming challenges is the first step to getting closer to your dream.

In this episode of the For Kick-Ass Women Only podcast, we talk about a hard truth; You Asked For It. Everything you’re experiencing in life right now, whether good or bad, you asked for it. Even in the most challenging situations, such as a struggle in your finances, unhealthy relationships, family drama, toxic work environment, poor business growth, or health challenges, you asked for them all.

Listen in and learn how to shift your mindset, welcome struggles, and see them for what they are. They are opportunities, doors, and gateways to what you want. Welcome struggles and embrace challenges and they will take you closer to what you desire in life.


  • [00:48] Celebrating the 50th episode and coach Kathy’s milestone wish
  • [01:58] Today’s episode topic: Hard Truth, You Asked For It
  • [02:54] Things that you are not responsible for in your life
  • [03:30] The choices you make dictate whether you win, achieve your goals, or learn
  • [05:58] Be accountable and show up in the things that you’re not responsible for
  • [06:34] You asked for these things? Step in and get to the next level!
  • [08:37] Where you are getting it wrong when asking for more
  • [10:13] Welcoming challenges and struggles to get closer to your dream
  • [11:07] The doors coach Kathy got after asking for a year of Exponential Growth.


  • “Your finances didn’t get where they are without your participation or lack of participation, and your action or lack of action.” – Kathy [03:58]
  • The choices you make in different situations dictate whether you win, achieve your goals, or learn”- Kathy [05:31]
  • You are the common denominator in everything that you are experiencing.”- Kathy [05:52]
  • You cannot control every circumstance; however, you are accountable to how you respond to everything in life.”- Kathy [06:22]
  • How you show up in the face of those things that you are not responsible for is as important, if not more important than how you show up in things that you are responsible for.”- Kathy [06:22]
  • “When you ask for more, you’re going to be presented with opportunities that will help you get yourself in alignment with what you are asking for first.”- Kathy [09:48]
  • “Life is happening for you and every struggle and disappointment that you move through is meant to bringing you closer to the life that you desire.”- Kathy [10:15



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