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51. I Did a Really Hard Thing

Sometimes, if you’re so used to saying it, you can forget that you’re actually living it and miss the signs of moving to your next level. Your next level is waiting for you to get in alignment with your truth and destiny. Get rid of old energy, limiting beliefs, and make those hard changes to make the right moves. Something simple such as even shifting your mindset after decluttering can enable you to experience more clarity in your life and business than ever before.

In this episode of the For Kick-Ass Women Only podcast, we talk about taking challenges and choosing the hard thing. We all have something that we fear, but we know it is worth shifting and making the changes to thrive. It can be something really complex or as simple as creating your business pricing. 

Listen in to learn how you can take that challenge and do hard things to align yourself with your dream and get to your next level.



  • [00:48] Today’s Topic: I Did A Really Hard Thing
  • [01:58] Coach Kathy’s decluttering and how it has impacted her life.
  • [03:55] Charging services and valuing your expertise. 
  • [04:56] We ask for everything we are experiencing; Coach Kathy’s stagnation experience.
  • [06:18] Coach Kathy’s strategy to get in alignment with her destiny.
  • [09:09] Making changes and overcoming limiting beliefs around money. 
  • [10:59] Recap of the episode and key takeaways for you.



  •  “If you don’t charge for your services, you’re sending a message to your higher power that your expertise is worth nothing and that’s what you will get back.”– Kathy [4:08]
  • “If clients only want to work with me, if I’m giving them my services and my expertise for free, then those are actually not my ideal clients, no matter how much I love them.”– Kathy [4:39]
  • “Lessons often come in layers.” – Kathy [06:12]
  • You can’t expect to get everything you need for free and then expect others to pay you for your services. That is being out of integrity. Money has to flow. There has to be reciprocity.”-Kathy [07:20]
  • There is no “there”. If you’re lucky, you are forever learning about yourself, growing and stretching.”- Kathy [11:29]
  • The process of learning about yourself is inseparable from your journey to your next level”- Kathy [11:37]
  • You can’t skip the lessons in life, even when you can’t see them, they will keep coming back to you”- Kathy [11:44]



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