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52. You Need a Pep Talk

Have you lost your mojo lately? Then You Need a Pep Talk! Changing your life is not easy, but you were meant for greater things. You were meant to have that life that you’ve been dreaming about.

In this motivating episode of the For Kick-Ass Women Only podcast, we are reminded to overcome fears and look at what it takes to achieve your goals in life. Pursuing your goals requires you to step up into your power and show all the skills and talents that were bestowed upon you.

Listen in as we share about the importance in knowing your one true self and not being defined by anyone around you. Put yourself together and refuse to be denied what is rightfully yours!


  • [0:06] Intro
  • [0:50] Get to know Coach Kathy and a further introduction about the Pep Talk.
  • [2:13] Exploring the question of how you lose your mojo and your enthusiasm.
  • [5:51] What exactly happens when we achieve our goals.
  • [7:36] Describing who you truly are.
  • [8:41] Knowing what your life could be like.


  • “Changing your life is not an easy undertaking” – Kathy [2:34]
  • If the time is going to pass anyway, why not pass the time pursuing what your soul is longing for?” – Kathy [4:35]
  • If you don’t keep going – keep pushing toward your goals, your communities suffer because the unique gifts and talents that YOU possess will not be unleashed” – Kathy [6:19]
  • You are power personified. You are the definition of unlimited potential and possibilities. You are unstoppable.” – Kathy [8:10]



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