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54. The Time I Almost Left My Marriage

Do you have what it takes to choose authenticity over acceptability? The pressure of keeping appearances as relationship goals and the fear of what others will think is what stops us from leaving bad relationships/marriages. But for you to start living authentically, there are inauthentic things you must be willing to walk away from.

In this episode of the For Kick-Ass Women Only podcast, we talk about why sometimes you must stop compromising and walk towards what is authentic. Having the courage to walk away from any relationship or circumstance that you have created an identity around is hard but worth it when pursuing your next-level life.

Listen in to learn why you must have some non-negotiables in your marriage that you continue to work on constantly to avoid inauthenticity.


  • [0:48] Intro
  • [1:45] How the fundamental differences that Kathy and her husband had negatively impacted their relationship.
  • [5:39] The conversation she had with her husband after reflecting and realizing she wasn’t showing up as her authentic self.
  • [7:42] Understand that only you can define your relationship and constantly renegotiate it as you evolve with time.
  • [9:11] Don’t expect to hold on to all the things you created from a place of inauthenticity when you start living authentically.
  • [9:43] Why she chose to walk away and be true to herself without compromising.
  • [10:23] How fear stops us from walking away from a bad marriage and being true to ourselves.
  • [12:15] Your next level is a constant journey, and you can seek to continue growing in your purpose.


  • “No one has the right to define for you what you should and should not want in any of your relationships.”– Kathy [7:45]
  • “You can’t change and expect everything to stay the same or expect to be able to hold on to everything.”– Kathy [8:40]
  • “We have no way of knowing what the true outcome of anything will be until we stop trying to control it and make it turn out a certain way.”– Kathy [12:22]



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