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56. (REPLAY) What It Takes to Be Financially Free

Did you know that you need money to live the life you desire and to create an impact? That’s right; money is important if your goal is to achieve financial security and live the comfortable life you desire.

In this episode of the For Kick-ass Women Only podcast, we talk about the importance of money and what it takes to achieve financial freedom as a woman over 40. You’re not too late, in fact, now is the perfect time for you to start learning and changing to become financially free.

Listen in to learn how money can impact your life and the steps you need to start taking today, to achieve your financial security.


  • [2:38] Intro
  • [3:20] Why having money matters and is important if you want to live comfortably.
  • [7:19] The importance of money to create an impact and being a catalyst for real change.
  • [8:27] Statistics on the financial environment for women today.
  • [9:30] The definition of financial freedom- working without trading time for money.
  • [14:27] Strive for financial security as your short-term goal, financial independence for medium goals, and financial freedom for financial security.
  • [15:33] Start taking at least 10% of your income and putting it into a financial freedom investment account.
  • [17:21] How to create an additional stream of income and put half of it into your financial freedom investment account.
  • [19:35] The numbers you need to know to start investing for financial security.
  • [21:10] Why now is the best time and place to start changing towards your financial security.
  • [22:36] Stop waiting around and step into a new financial future for yourself.



  • “A major piece of you stepping into your power is about you stepping into your financial power.” [8:11]
  • “Don’t get intimidated by what you don’t know, just focus on educating yourself little by little.” [17:56]
  • “It is not too late for you; it is the perfect time.” [21:06]


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