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77. How to Jumpstart Your Pivot

Are you ready to create your next-level life but don’t necessarily know how to get there? To create a pivot for your life, you must conduct a life audit and focus on breaking your life into areas to prioritize.

Creating your next-level life involves having a clear vision of where you’re going, understanding what’s holding you back, and then creating a step-by-step pivot plan that focuses on who you are and how you’re showing up.

In this episode of the For Kick-ass Women Only podcast, we talk about how to elevate your mindset to be the woman who can embrace the next version of her life. Listen in to learn how to audit your life, figure out the obstacles stopping you from having a pivot plan, and create the next version of your life.


  • [0:48] Intro
  • [2:24] How everything in your life is dictated by how you feel.
  • [3:15] How to break your life into areas to audit and focus on rather than thinking about it as a whole.
  • [5:45] How to get clear about where you’re going to elevate change overwhelm and confusion.
  • [10:58] The C.R.O.P. method – how to figure out the obstacles stopping you from having a pivot plan and creating the next version of your life.
  • [13:22] How to elevate your mindset so you can elevate your experiences and pivot your life.



  • “If we don’t know how to get there, then what we end up doing is continuing to create what we’re already experiencing.”– Kathy [2:05]
  • “How we feel dictates everything that we want in our lives.”– Kathy [2:42]
  • “Clarity gives you the opportunity to prioritize what’s important and to know the steps that you need to take.”– Kathy [9:36]



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