Episode #75: Do You Have to Choose Between Your Money and Your Goals?

You can have the money or your goals! Often life seems like a series of unreasonable this-or-that choices. Unreasonable in that you feel as though you’re being forced to choose between what your comfortable with – what

Episode #74: [REPLAY] How to Distinguish Between a Lesson and an Opportunity?

Is this your lesson or your opportunity? Sometimes in life it is hard to tell the difference. There are so many choices you have to make throughout your life – choices that you know will have a tremendous

Episode #73: Women, Mindset & the Key to Our Power

We all have stories in our heads that get in our way. These stories prevent us from stepping up, from pursuing our dreams, and from feeling empowered to create our lives the way we want to. In order

Episode #72: Is There a War Against Women?

How is what you’re hearing on the news and reading on the social media threads affecting you? Are you feeling frustrated, angry, anxious, stressed out, or even hopeless? Are you feeling as though no one cares about your

Episode #71: #Adulting 101 – Parenting Aging Parents

The time will come when our parents won’t be able to drive, climb stairs, or do the things they used to be able to do. The question is, are you ready to take care of your aging parents?

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