Are prone to dreaming big or dreaming small? Are you someone who truly believes life is full of unlimited possibilities that you can’t wait to experience, or are you someone who feels deep down inside as though those unlimited possibilities are for someone else, but not you. If you are the latter – the one who dreams small and feels that opportunities for an amazing life are for someone else, then this podcast is for you? What do you gain from dreaming small? What excuses do you give to convince yourself that dreaming small is okay? And what kind of life do you have to look forward to while dreaming small? In this #MondayMotivation edition of the podcast titled ‘Enough With Dreaming Small’ Coach Kathy Wilson implores you to reconsider dreaming small – to stop putting limits on your life and what you have the opportunity to experience, and to start embracing the awesomeness of life and start dreaming big.

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