Are you living life in the rearview mirror? In other words, are you so focused on your past – your past disappointments, your past mistakes, your past missed opportunities, your past regrets, your past slights – that you cannot move your life forward? Many people don’t even realize they’re living in the past – in their rearview mirror. All they know is that they seem to create the same situations in their lives over and over again. Or, they struggle to achieve their goals or move their lives forward in any significant way despite their sincere efforts. What most people focused on the past fail to realize is that each moment, (each each hour, each day, each week, etc…) offers us an opportunity to let go of the past, reinvent ourselves and take our lives in a new direction. But we miss it because they are so focused in their rearview mirror. In this #MondayMotivation edition of the podcast titled ‘Get Out of the Rearview Mirror’ Coach Kathy Wilson makes a great case for you to get you out of the past, face your eyes forward, and forge a new and amazing path for yourself and your life.

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