Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This is one of my favorite holidays. A) Because I love fall, B) because it is close to my birthday (and my birthday falls on Thanksgiving every four years), and C) because it is a naturally built in time, when you’re hopefully surrounded by family and friends, to take stock of what you are thankful for. It is well a well-known fact that if you desire more in your life then you first have to learn how to be thankful for what you already have. But being grateful is not just about rattling off a list of things your thankful for in a rote matter. To activate the true power of gratitude you must feel the feelings of deep gratitude. In ‘Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving, Coach Kathy explains exactly how to tap into the practice of gratitude to not only for what you have, but also how to be grateful for the things that have not yet come to you, as if they are already here so you can explore the full power of gratitude.

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