Is this your lesson or your opportunity? Sometimes in life it is hard to tell the difference. There are so many choices you have to make throughout your life – choices that you know will have a tremendous impact on your life. However, far too often you end up in a place in your life – sometimes the same place in your life (financially, in your relationships, in your health), despite your best intentions, and have no idea how you got there. Well, what most likely happened is somewhere along the way you were unable to tell the difference between what was meant to be your lesson and what was meant to be your opportunity. And what this means is you were presented with a choice and you did not know whether that choice was a lesson – something to test your resolve, or test your commitment, or an opportunity – something meant for you to say yes to, something that would take your life in the right direction. When you fail to recognize the difference, and make the right choice for your life, you will be presented with the lesson over and over again until you learn it. In ‘Is This Your Lesson or Opportunity, Coach Kathy discusses this concept of lesson or opportunity in more depth and helps you learn how to tell the difference between the two.

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