Can a moment change your life? It’s something that so many people think about. They think about a past moment in time where they made a choice or took an action that they believe changed their life. Some people never recover from this. They truly believe that had they chosen a different major, married someone different, moved to a new city, said yes to a job opportunity, or whatever else that their lives would have turned out much differently – so much better. And some people dwell on this to the extent that they never recover. They lose sight of the fact that every moment, every hour, every day is an opportunity to take their lives in a different direction. They get stuck in the fantasy of the wonderful life they would have had if only they had made a different choice, or taken a different action. The truth is that no one moment changed your life. However, moments can most definitely take your life in a different direction. But that is just life. Life is not one smooth, straight path to success. It has it’s twists and turns. In ‘The Moment That Changed Your Life, Coach Kathy encourages you to stop lamenting the past and to start making choices and taking actions today that will begin taking your life in the direction you want it to go.

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