Is 2018 really going to be different for you? A new year always seems to offer a clean slate, a ray of hope. Thus, it’s easy to get into the habit of thinking that a new year automatically means things are going to be different. But is it really the year that makes your life different? Some people think so. They bank all of their happiness and good fortune on the changing of the calendar not seeming to fully understand what made the previous year so challenging in the first place. One thing people need to understand is that every challenging situation they faced in 2017 they were there, they were involved in it in some way – they were the common denominator. Most people don’t realize that their choices and their actions have a lot to do with the quality and direction of their lives. And they continue to believe that life is happening to them in stead of the fact that they are creating their life. In ‘Is it Really Going to Be Different?, Coach Kathy talks about how you participated in creating a challenging 2017 and how to guarantee that 2018 will be a different – and possibly better – year for you.

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