It’s time to dream a new dream! If you have ever been in the middle of a bad dream and tried to wake yourself up so you can then go back to sleep and dream a different, better, dream then you understand this concept. It’s about waking up and realizing that you can change your circumstances. It’s about getting out a bad situation and into, or off of a bad path and onto, a better one. It’s about letting go of okay situations, ones that don’t serve you, in order to experience something better for your life. Dreaming a new dream is about knowing there is something better out there for you if you can just wake up. However waking up is not always easy. And sometimes it can feel as though you are stuck, that you’ve made to many mistakes, and that there is no way out. In ‘Time to Dream A New Dream, Coach Kathy shares that if you are in any way feeling as though your life is not as exciting, fulfilling, successful, or has not materialized into the type of life you truly desire to be living then you do have the opportunity to dream for your life. And she shares with you how to start.

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