How often do you think about your self image? Probably not often, right? But what if you were to find out that your self-image is the key to everything you want and have in your life? Would you think about it then? Don’t get confused, mindset is THE key. But mindset encompasses a few concepts; one of which is how the mind defines who you are and how the mind allows you to see yourself. Most people live in a box definition. They define themselves by what type of food they eat, what type of music they listen to, how they live, what type of job they hold, and how much money they have. And they very rarely allow themselves to venture outside of how they know themselves – how they define themselves. The challenge is when you have new goals – to lose weight, make more money, enter into a healthy relationship, or find your dream job – if your self image is not in alignment with what you want then what you want will continue to elude you. And your mind will keep holding you prisoner in you current self image. In ‘The Power of the Self Image, Coach Kathy dives deeper into the topic of self-image and imparts two powerful strategies to help you shift your self image and achieve your biggest goals.

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