Are you a fraud? Do you go to great lengths to cover up “the real you” in order to portray a certain image to the world? Are you afraid that people might find out who you really are and reject you, disapprove of you, think less of you? Feeling like a fraud – or imposter syndrome – is not uncommon; it has been around for a while, But it is especially prevalent on, and has recently come to the forefront due to, social media. The crux of feeling like a fraud is the fear of feeling found out. When you feel like you’re a fraud there is a underlying feeling of not being good enough, so you go to great lengths to make sure no one does find you out. You might tend towards perfectionism in order to cover up your feelings of being a fraud. Additionally, you find it hard to accept compliments, often feeling undeserving. You find it difficult to pursue big goals or good things because you feel undeserving and unworthy of them. You explain away your successes as luck instead of being able to accept responsibility for them. The inability to get over feeling like a fraud can keep you stuck in life. In ‘Are You A Fraud?, Coach Kathy dives deeper into the topic of feeling like a fraud and talks about ways to move from feeling like a fraud to living powerfully and authentically.



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