On this episode of the Write Your Own Script podcast, Coach Kathy asks you to consider the question “If you could create your life all over again, would you create it the exact same way?” Or would you want to rewrite a part of your script? Chances are, you have at least a few things that you want to be different in the future than the current script that is ahead of you. The journey that Coach Kathy’s five steps will take you on will provide you with the self-awareness, clarity, and resolve you need to make changes and be more satisfied with the life you have made for yourself. In this episode, Coach Kathy dives deeper into these steps:

  1. Create Space for the Truth
  2. Unearth Your Stories
  3. Create a New Possibility for Yourself
  4. Create a Plan
  5. Disrupt Comfort

In ‘How to Start Rewriting Your Script’, Coach Kathy explains that by taking a look at who you are and how far you’ve already come, you can confidently face your dreams and desires and take the practical steps needed to bring them about. You are so capable and your dreams are worth pursuing!

You think you know what’s possible because you’ve been living inside your story... But it's your story that makes you believe that your story is all you really need to know. ~ @CoachKDub…


What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • The importance of focusing on the present moment and starting right now
  • Learning through difficulties to gain experiences that can help yourself and others
  • How you become your beliefs
  • That feelings of dissatisfaction can be a pull toward your true calling
  • Coach Kathy’s five steps for writing your own script

Key Words: Women, Reinvention, Success, Happiness, Life

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