How is what you’re hearing on the news and reading on the social media threads affecting you? Are you feeling frustrated, angry, anxious, stressed out, or even hopeless? Are you feeling as though no one cares about your experience, no one believes you, and that you’re not heard, valued, supported or safe? Do you feel as though there is an active campaign to prevent you from controlling your own destiny, having the life you want, or achieving your goals? If so, you are definitely not alone. These times make it challenging to have hope, to be optimistic and to believe that things are working out in your favor. But that is exactly what you must do.

In this episode of the Write Your Own Script podcast titled ‘Is There a War Against Women?’ Coach Kathy talks about the treatment of women in our society today. In light of recent events, Coach Kathy wants to talk candidly to all of the strong women and help them reframe their experience and the way they are perceiving what is going on around them. While it may seem as though there is a war against women going on right now, if you look closely it is really an opportunity for awakening and redefining our role in society in a way that has never been done before. Women have the ability, right now, to affect real change by living our truths where we are, in the home, in the workplace, on the field, or anywhere else we have influence. But we cannot lose hope. We cannot get sucked into the news stories. We cannot be dismayed by those who would work against us – even those that share our gender. And we cannot sit idly by and have our futures determined for us. We can – and must – stand up and impact the world for the better.

Although I think the suppression of women and their rights is very real, I absolutely believe - without question - that all things conspire for our good. But we have to step up. ~ @CoachKDub…


What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How to reframe the idea of a “war” to that of an “awakening”
  • Why men fear women and what happens when they do
  • That all women are not the same, nor should they be part of your tribe
  • How the destruction of war benefits women moving into the future
  • The three ways to take part in the awakening, wherever you are

Key Words: Women, War, Equality, Awakening, Hope, Change, Strength

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