You can have the money or your goals! Often life seems like a series of unreasonable this-or-that choices. Unreasonable in that you feel as though you’re being forced to choose between what your comfortable with – what you have currently – and a dream you have for your future. Once such this-or-that choice is the choice between your money and your goals – i.e. financial security and your dream life. The pursuit of your goals seems as though it is a threat to your financial security. The pursuit of your goals seems as though it is asking you to put everything on the line – to risk losing it – in order to have your dream life. It is no wonder so many people rationalize not setting and going after their goals.

In this episode of the Write Your Own Script podcast, titled ‘Do You Have to Choose Between Your Money and Your Goals’, Coach Kathy breaks down the choice between your money and your goals so that you can clearly see that the real choice you’re being asked to make is not between your money and your goals, but between faith and fear.

Faith and fear cannot coexist. You are either faithful or fearful – but never both. Fear is powerful. And fear will poison your mind with any excuse to prevent you from stepping outside of your comfort zone – which is exactly where you need to be in order to pursue your big goals. Faith on the other hand, is the kryptonite for your fears. And it is the faithful mindset that you need to get on the path to your dream life. Listen in to learn how to shift from fear to faith.

Fear makes excuses. It grasps for anything it can to prevent you from having to move out of your comfort zone. Money is the easiest go-to. ~ @CoachKDub #WriteYourOwnScript #MoneyMonth


What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How money seems to impact the pursuit of our dreams
  • Why you don’t have to chose between your money and your goals
  • That the real this-or-that choice you are being asked to make is between faith and fear
  • The difference between how fear and faith show up in your life
  • How to shift your mindset from one of fear to one of faith

Key Words: Women, Money, Faith, Fear, Gratitude, Goals, Mindset

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