There are many implications to “playing small” in your personal and professional life. While it may seem like a safe decision to make – you’re comfortable, and things aren’t so bad in your life – in the long run it can have some pretty serious implications. When you fall into the habit of being conservative, you are ultimately undermining your gifts and talents. Additionally, we are created to grow, and change, and to pursue goals. And when we don’t, we stagnate. But even more than that playing small has some serious financial implications.

In this episode of Write Your Own Script, titled ‘The Financial Implications of Playing Small’, Coach Kathy breaks down how choosing to play small in life can negatively impact your ability to achieve your financial goals. Achieving your financial goals is not just about what someone is willing to pay you. That concept is how you look at finances from within the script. If you are thinking outside the script you understand that achieving your financial goals is about being in alignment with your gifts and talents, and your purpose, and increasing your capacity to receive.

You must increase your financial capacity in order to increase your finances. And you cannot increase your financial capacity by playing small. You can begin to increase your capacity by listening to the signs, saying “yes” to life, and getting in alignment with your unique gifts and talents, with your purpose. Stop limiting yourself! Only then can you live in alignment with the Universe and receive the abundance you deserve. It’s all up to you!


Fortune favors the bold. Stop making excuses for not saying yes to new possibilities and changes. Start saying yes, listen to the signs, be in alignment and trust. ~ @CoachKDub…


What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Exactly what it means to play small
  • Ways in which to stop playing small
  • The difference between how money comes to you inside the script an outside the script
  • The reasons you will always hit the wall when pursuing money inside the script
  • How to begin increasing your financial capacity

Key Words: Women, Money, Income, Alignment, Growth, Playing Small, Purpose, Signs

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