Merry Happy Christmas Holidays Hanukkah Kwanzaa! Did I hit them all? It’s Christmas, ya’ll! A time for family, friends, fellowship, food, and fun for many. But not for all. There are those among us for whom the holidays bring up nothing but bad memories and feelings of depression and isolation. It can be challenging to pull oneself away from that association, and easier to succumb to the belief that the holidays are to be met with dread.

But what if it didn’t have to be that way? Not to say that everyone would greet the holidays with joy. But what if everyone – those who anticipate the season with joy and those who meet it with dread could shift and expand their view of the holiday season? In the Chirtsmas-Day episode of the “Write Your Own Script” podcast, titled ‘Love, Gratitude, Renewal & the Holidays’, Coach Kathy talks about the real meaning of Christmas. And encourages you to use love and gratitude to renew your relationship with the holidays, or create a new meaning of the holidays. It won’t be easy. You will have to recondition yourself. But it is possible. And you always have a choice.

Once again, don’t forget to scroll down and download the 2019 New Year’s Exercise to learn how you can lay a solid groundwork to plan for a kick-ass year!

Love, gratitude and renewal are available to us at all time. ~ @CoachKDub #WriteYourOwnScript


What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • That how you view the holidays is a choice not a mandate
  • The importance of love at Christmas
  • The importance of gratitude at Christmas
  • The importance of renewal at Christmas
  • How love, gratitude and renewal work together

Key Words: Women, Christmas, Holidays, Love, Gratitude, Renewal, Joy, Dread, Choice

Download the 2019 New Year’s Exercise

Make sure to download the 2019 New Year’s Exercise‘! This powerful and fun exercise will give you an opportunity not only to assess how you feel about 2018, but also give you an opportunity to lay the foundation for an amazing 2019.

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