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eIMG_0630I love change. For years I have been fascinated with the idea of being able to have a vision for my life and bring that vision to fruition. So much so that it has formed the basis of my work. Yet, I haven’t always been good at change. My own life is a prime example that simply setting goals or talking about what I want to do is not always enough. What I have come to realize is that when considering change people usually go straight to what they need to do differently, but rarely if every consider how they need to think differently. Mindset is the key to change. Change your mindset; change anything you want to change! I’m excited to share my work, and my experiences, with you. Thanks for being here.

Being Change Book

BeingChange_Front2How many times have you attempted to make a change in your life only to find yourself, despite your good intentions, fall short of your desired end point, not even able to get started, or able to reach your end point but not sustain it ending up right back where you started? Whether trying to improve your health, improve your finances, improve yourself or even improve your professional life, success in those areas is about more than just having the goal and deciding what to do to achieve that goal. In Being Change Kathy takes a fresh and insightful approach to change giving you a personal playbook to use in any area of your life that you are looking to make changes.

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book-kathyDeliver a transformational experience! Kathy, a former collegiate and professional basketball player and coach, has gone from drifter (employment drifter, that is) to collegiate basketball coach, to an organizational development expert, change strategist, coach, author and speaker who has dedicated her life to empowering others. Whether you are looking for content around organizational change or personal change, Kathy’s knowledge and delivery style will bring the information and your audience to life. When you need a high-energy speaker whose story-telling, humor and uncanny ability to say exactly what you’re thinking will leave your audience motivated, inspired, informed, and entertained (with strategies they can use right away!), you need Kathy!

Your Mind is Fu**ing With You!

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71. CLIP – F*ck the Script

71. CLIP – F*ck the Script

If you are ready to pivot to a life you love with no regrets then you need to learn to say, “F*ck the Script”. As a woman over 40, you don’t have the time to waste on following the script that has kept you so unhappy and unfulfilled all these years.

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70. CLIP – Your Silver Bullet For Success

70. CLIP – Your Silver Bullet For Success

When you think about the richness of your life, does that include your relationships with other women? As women, we tend to put cultivating women friendships low on the priority list. In this CLIP episode of the For Kick-Ass Women Only podcast, Coach Kathy touches on the benefits of developing deep relationships with friends and …

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