eIMG_0630Women are amazing. They are wives, they are mothers, they are daughters, they are sisters, they are professionals, they are friends, they are caregivers, and so much more. And they strive to do it all well. However, what they often struggle to do is step into their own amazingness – for themselves. They tend to fall into and strive for society’s definition of success all while overlooking their own unique gifts, talents, desires and potential. And they often settle for less than they desire and deserve. But it doesn’t have to be that way. The truth is women can define, create and live their own definition of success. They can have the money, the health, the career, the relationships, and all the fulfillment and joy they desire.

Kathy empowers women by helping them to understand that they can choose their own path in life and create a strategy for their success. Through mindset work, high-level strategies, and a revolutionary life-planning system, Kathy’s clients obtain extraordinary results as they transform both personally and professionally, elevate their thinking, and intentionally step into the highest versions of themselves, creating a fulfilling life for themselves, inside and out.

Kathy is a Change Strategist and speaker in the Washington, DC area. A former collegiate and professional basketball player and coach, for over ten years Kathy has worked with clients ranging from government agencies to higher-learning institutions such as The Securities and Exchange Commission, the FDA-FSIS and Vanderbilt University, to Fortune 100 and 500 companies such as Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, Aerotek (The Allegis Group), and the McGraw-Hill Companies sharing her unique combination of on-court experience and off-court knowledge, speaking, coaching, consulting and delivering training and development solutions that have helped people transform their personal and workplace environments. Kathy’s basketball playing and coaching background compels her to challenge her clients to step outside of their comfort zones and reach their highest potential.

Kathy received her B.A. Communications from the University of North Carolina @ Chapel Hill, and her Graduate Certificate in Leadership Coaching and M.A. in Organizational Management from The George Washington University.

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