Change Power Challenge

Downloadable Audio Course

Are you finally ready to get over the hump of temporary change and enter the world of lasting change?

Are you finally ready to take on a goal you have struggled with and see yourself succeed at it?

If so, then you’re ready for the Change Power Challenge. In this five class audio coaching course, with workbooks, you will receive the support you need to succeed at change.

Classes consist of:

Class 1 – Preparing for Change
Lay the foundation by digging deeper into change and learning the pitfalls of change.

Class 2 – Creating a Sense of Urgency
Learn exactly why you do or don’t take action, and define a sense of urgency.

Class 3 – Identifying Your R.U.T.™
Identify your own R.U.T. thinking and R.U.T. habits that are keeping you stuck.

Class 4 – Conquering Resistance and Fear
Learn about the force of resistance and the secret to conquering it.

Class 5 – Getting in Alignment
Learn how to align your thoughts and your behaviors with your goal in order to stay on track.

Bonus Audio Coaching Session
This is a secret. But it’s yours absolutely FREE!

You don’t have to do the course in 5 weeks, of course. But if you’re ready for a true power challenge, go for it!

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