For Kick-Ass Women Only

6. Your Lack Language is Blocking Your Money

How many times do you use language that indicates lack in your finances? "I can't afford it." "I don't have enough money." Or any of the number of other ways you talk about the money you don't currently have. Well, what if you knew that every time you sp...

5. Let’s Talk About You and Money!

Why does it seem so difficult for you to have the money you desire? Why does money seem so elusive? Believe it or not, your struggle with money began long before you ever had any. In this episode Coach Kathy is going deep into exactly how your conditioni...

2. The War Against Women

Buckle up as Coach Kathy digs deep into the real barriers women are facing when they commit to stepping into their full power. It’s not just about understanding the barriers, but also understanding that the barriers are the very reason stepping up is important. Additionally, you will learn about the three biggest areas with which

3. Hard Truth… You’re a Fraud.

Ever heard of imposter syndrome? You've probably seen interviews with plenty of powerful and famous women talking about how deep down inside they feel like a fraud. In today's episode Coach Kathy is delivering a hard truth that even though you may not be...

4. 3 Signs You’re Living Life on Default

Today you're going to be learning about what it means to live your life on default. What are the three big signs you are living your life on default? And how do you begin to engage more actively in the direction of your life. You might be surprised at ho...
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