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eIMG_0456The three most common questions I get around implementing any change are: 1) How do you successfully implement change? 2) How do you get people to embrace change? And, 3) how do you make sure the changes made are permanently sustained once they are implemented? What I have learned in my work is that the success of any change initiative boils down to using an effective change process, getting people on board with the change, and reinforcing the new behaviors or processes.

Unfortunately many organizations fail at change. Doing change “wrong” can have a costly impact on an organization’s morale, ability to meet its goals, and ultimately its bottom line. Change initiatives go wrong when they are ill planned or rushed, when the current culture is not properly evaluated, when the time has not been taken to get the buy-in of the people, and when there has been no plan created to manage resistance.

Ultimately, in order to be successful at moving individuals, teams and organizations to a future state you must have the right mindset and the right process. That’s where I come in. In my work I consult and strategize with businesses and organizations that want to successfully:

  • plan, manage and navigate any change initiative
  • design and implement strategy
  • map out goals and strategic objectives
  • assess and transform culture
  • elevate morale and engagement
  • enhance relationships and team effectiveness

Whether through visioning, crafting strategic plans, delivering workshops, or partnering for plan implementation, my goal is always to work collaboratively with my clients in order to determine the best and most effective course of action to bring about their desired results.

If you’re interested in learning more about how we can work together, fill out this brief form or call 703-785-0865.




DiSC or SDI (Strength Deployment Inventory)

Some people think assessments are hokey, but in reality assessments can help people quickly elevate their understanding of themselves and others, how they are impacting the work environment, their strengths, weaknesses and motivations, as well as how they interact with others in a non-threatening environment. Not to mention it’s fun. Everyone has a different style. And style can also be used to coach people around areas such as communication, leadership and conflict. When you understand style you are equipped with the tools to skillfully and successfully navigate any diverse workplace environment and transform even the most challenging relationships. Call today to discuss booking a DiSC or SDI workshop for your team! Assessments billed separately..

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