Time to PIVOT!


It’s time to ditch the hustle, make your pivot, and transform your life! I’m going to help you get there.

But that’s not the message the world tells us, especially if we’re over 40. Well, I’m here to remind you that you can dream big, go after your goals, and kick ass — limiting beliefs be damned!

If you refuse to believe that your best days are behind you and you’re ready to invest in yourself, you’ve come to the right place!

My programs are backed by science and delivered with tough love. All of my programs are based on my signature framework and they work! I love it when I can help other women ditch the hustle, make their pivot, and transform their personal and professional lives.

Let’s get started!

My Signature program

Pivot Master Plan

Ready to finally make that pivot toward the life you feel destined for? The Pivot Master Plan is the complete system to help you make that pivot and start living a more fulfilling and purpose-filled life. My signature program includes pre-recorded modules, live coaching, and a supportive community of other kick-ass women to cheer you on. The Pivot Master Plan is the most comprehensive program for women who want to a step-by-step pivot plan, live personalized coaching, and support to help guide them to and through their next amazing chapter.

Leading with Meaning Coaching mastermind


How would it feel to show up authentically in your career, in your business and in your life? How would it feel to know you could bring your true self to the world – not having to hide, or downplay, or fake, or live up to anything? How would it feel to step FULLY into a life – a way of leading AND living – that brings you more authenticity, more joy, more adventure, more focus, more freedom and, yes, more meaning, every day of your life?

That’s what the Leading with Meaning Coaching Mastermind will provide! This transformational 6-month coaching experience will help you create a pivot so that you can bring your inner life and your outer life – your dreams and desires – fully into alignment.

Pivot to Power

If you’re ready to be transformed into the most kick-ass version of yourself I want to welcome you to the Pivot to Power self-directed coaching program. If you have struggled for years to lose weight, make more money, have a healthy relationship, or get yourself and your life to where you want to be, then you are in exactly the right place.

You can’t heal what you can’t see! This self-directed coaching experience is designed specifically to unearth and heal what you can’t see, and rock you out of the rut you’re in so that you can achieve your biggest goals and have the life you truly desire!

1:1 Coaching for Women Leaders

Looking for more intensive support? When you choose to work with me one-on-one, we will progress through my 5-step framework to help you leave the hustle behind, make your pivot, and create the personal and professional life you truly desire and deserve! 

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